Rock’s Village is in East Haverhill Massachusetts.

Established in the 1640’s, it has had a long and varied history.

William Holdridge was granted the “third” division of land in the East Parish when the town of Haverhill laid out the divisions in about 1666. His land included all the land that is now Rocks Village.

Holdridge sold the whole village area as well as land to the west to Zacharia Davis. Davis then sold the land north of E. Main St. to John Swett, the ferryman on June 1,1730:

55/118: Zacharia Davis to John Swett, Ferryman: 19.25 A, bounded n on Back Lane, e on River, w on Jamaica path and s on highway from Jamaica Path to Ferry and partly by the landing place of this ferry, being part of land laid out by Wm Holdridge’s 3rd division.

Jamaica Path was the old name for E. Broadway and Merrimac St.

Samuel Batchelder and wife Elizabeth were the sole heirs of Zacharia Davis, “their” father. Their brother, also Zacharia, had died by this time.

59/176    Samuel Batchelder and wife Elizabeth for their brother Zacharia Davis’ estate which Davis conveyed to John Sweat in a deed of June 1 1730. 19.25 acres. The land was formerly the estate of their father , also Zacharia Davis. Since they are sole heirs of both ZD’s, they are affirming that conveyance to J Sweat. Feb 16, 1731/2. That deed is 55/118, the 19.25 acres n of E Main. It is dated June 1, 1730.

This is the sale of the south side of E. Main also to John Swett:
60/159  Feb 16, 1731/2: Samuel Batchelder of Hampton, cordwainer, and wife Elizabeth to John Swett 35 acres bounded by se on river, sw on 12-rod way, nw on road to Almsbury, ne by a highway by the side of Swett’s land.

This would seem to exclude the river side of Wharf Lane. Probably because Swett already owned it. There are many Swett as grantor deeds after this time, probably selling off lots to Barnabus Bradbury and others. So it seems Swett owned both the north side and the south side of E Main as of 1731.

41/263 Zacharia Davis of Newbury, mariner, to Robt Peaslee of Hav, trader, 12 acres bounded e by 12-rod way, s on river, w on former James Davis Jr, now Jacob Chase, n on road to Almsbury by Peaslee’s house called Jamaica Path, the land that is part of the tract granted to be laid out by Wm Holdridge as part of the 3rd Division at Holt’s Rocks by a vote of the Town of Haverhill in 1666 or(8?). Signed 1720, recorded 1723. This land is about where Kimballs farmhouse is now, across from Peaslee house.

This would have been the same period when Joseph Peaslee built and lived in the Garrison house. Indians were around then too. I wonder if Zacharia Davis’ house was also a garrison.

In 1976, it was established as a local and National Historic District and the residents continue to be part of a thriving community.


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