34 East Main Street: Moses George House

1742 – J Swett sells his 19A north of E Main St. to Simeon Brown. Still owns
south side land (35 acres). 87/139

1773, July 3: Henry Young Brown, Simeon Brown, and Ruth Brown to James Carr (Innholder) (134/22) 19 acres bounded by Jamaco path, Road from Kingston to Swett’s Ferry, two rod way allowed by John Swett. The whole north side of East Main.

Owned by Ephraim Elliott in in 1774 according to deed 134/23 and in 1789 according to deed 150/120 (Francis Carr to Samuel Carr 7.5 R x 3.5R).  Ephraim marries Mary Wingate in 1752.  James Carr’s daughter Judith marries Joseph Wingate in 1777.  James Carr’s daughter Hannah marries Joshua Wingate in 1773. Joshua and Joseph are Mary’s brother.

Ephraim’s sister Elizabeth marries Moses Moody in 1760.  Elizabeth is named in E. Elliot’s Will in Probate dated 1809.Betsy Moody (Moses Moody): 1 dollar plus what I have already given her out of my estate.

Ephraim Jr. gets everything else.  there is a piece in the will that is 1/2 acre with house and barn that was brought from Brown. (can’t find that deed in Haverhill)

1793 Moses Moody owns according to deed for 38 East Main Street (158/121).

1804: Moses Moody owns according to deed (175/120) for 38 East Main

1810, Feb 15:  Ephriam Elliott Jr. (Yeoman) and Mehitable Elliott to his sister Betsy Moody (widow) for love and affection and $50.00 (190/303) Land with all the buildings bounded by Frederick Parker land on the east and north, and bounded by Thomas Elliott on West and road on south.  Being the same place where Moses Moody Esq late of Haverhill did live. 8R by 3R along road.

Two family house, two storied high with a hip roof, large chimneys, and windows with small panes. There are two front doors opening into separate halls.  Moses S. Moody owned both sides and sold off to David Elliott (east side) and Thomas Chase (West side)

Moses S. Moody is the adopted son of Elizabeth Elliott Moody.  He is the son of her sister Abigail Elliott who married Francis Swan and moved to New Sharron Maine.  I believe he inherits this house from his mother Betsey (but I can’t find where Betsy dies).  She is 64 in 1824.

Part closest to River (East Side)

1824, Jun 22:  Moses S. Moody to David Elliott (Harness maker) (315/240). North 8R, east 1.5 Rods to land of Frederick Parker, southerly 8 R, then West 1.5 rods with 1/2 of undivided dwelling house.

1830 Census in a row:
Abigail Parker (Sawyer Store?), Joseph Estabrook (38 East Main) Thomas S. Chase (34 East Main), Mrs. Jane Chase, David Elliott (34 East Main), Joseph de Poyen (28 East Main).

1839, Sept 20: David and Abigail Elliott to John L. Orne (334/287) same piece of property sold to them by Moses S. Moody. Also 315/226 mortgage??) John L. Orne marries Mary Sargent Moody (daughter of Abigail George and Edward S. Moody) in 1847.

1847, Apr 7: John L. Orne to Abigail (Bodwell Ladd) George (wife of Moses George) (450/190). Bounded by road on south, heirs of Parker on east, 1/2 undivided house.  Moses was still alive at this time. He died Feb. 10, 1851

John L. Orne’s mother in law Abigail (George) Moody is Moses George’s sister.

1850 census
862-1088  Moses GEORGE, 2d, 55, none, $1200
          Abigail B. Ladd George ", 55
          Wallace ", 23, shoemaker
          Gideon ", 20, shoemaker
          Mary J. ", 16
          Eliza ", 14
          Moses R. ", 11

1855 Census:
Abigail B. (Ladd) George (60) (daughter of Nathaniel Ladd and Sally Noyes born 11 Oct 1794. Wife of Moses George.
Mary J. George (22)
Eliza H. George (20)

1850: W.T. George owns according to Map. (Sarah (Green)/Maj. Amos George’s grandson through Moses and Abigail Ladd)

1855 Census:
Wallace T. George (28) Shoe maker
Sarah Frances (Kenison) George (24)
Edward B. George (3)

1857 – Wallace T. George, father of Edward B. George, Clerk of Courts of Essex county, was tollkeeper. The most prosperous year for receipts of the bridge. “George” is another name in Rocks Village history: Gideon George and Moses George each owned a house in the village in the 1800’s. 

1865 Census: (east half of house)
Abigail B. L. George (70) widow of Moses George

1867, May 2:  Abigail B. L. George, a widow of Moses George, sold one half of the house and the land under it to William H. Colby. (723/114) (bounded by Joseph Esterbrook on east).

1870 Census:
Charles Fosier (32) works in shoe factory (probably Tozier) Son on Amos Tozier and Hannah Ramsey)
Ellen C. (30) keeps house
Albert (10) attends school
Charles (7) attends school
John (5) attends school

This could be 47 East Main
Thomas J. Orne (38) Horse Dealer
Almira (27) keeps house

Mercy Colby (47) Keeps House (wife of Stephen Jackson Colby (1823 -1866)
Lizzie (23) works in shoe factory
James (22) works in shoe factory
Stephen (21) works in shoe factory
Charles (16) works in shoe factory
Lorenzo (14) works in shoe factory
Carrie (12) attends school
Frank (7) attends School

1872 Map – 36 East Main Street:  W. H. Colby,

1882, Aug 17: William H. Colby and Ella F. Colby to Andrew J. Young (1089/92) 34 East Main Street

Part furthest from river (Westside)

1824, June 22: Moses S. Moody to Thomas S. Chase (318/52). 8R by 1.5 R bounded by David Elliott and Thomas Elliott’s heirs.  Land and 1/2 undivided dwelling house. (the other side of 238/210?)

1830 Census in a row:
Abigail Parker (Sawyer Store?), Joseph Estabrook (38 East Main) Thomas S. Chase (34 East Main), Mrs. Jane Chase, David Elliott (34 East Main), Joseph de Poyen (28 East Main).

1840, Apr 6: Thomas S. Chase and Martha Chase to John R. Chase (318/052) Mortgage (discharged 356/17) Tenement being two stories high and being next below that of Joseph de Poyen.

1846 probate 35039 of Martha Chase (Widow) forces sale of house to pay her son John R. Chase for $239.00 plus rent received from D Silloway of 23.18.  1/2 House, shop and land bounded by John Orne on East, south by road, west by Samuel Elliott, North by Joseph Estabrook.  maybe Peasley M., and Mrs. Martha Osgood, Nov. 22, 1827.*

1847, Apr 9: Moses Atwood, administrator of Martha Chase sells to Horace T. Morse (382/139) bounded by Samuel Elliott, Joseph Estabrook, Abigail George (widow of Moses George), Highway, 1/2 undivided house and shop. Daniel Atwood on Committee

1852, June 10:  Horace F. and Louisa Morse to Daniel T. Goss (462/216 and 386/274) Samuel Elliott on west, Joseph Esterbrook on north, Abigail B. L. George (widow of Moses George) on east, Highway on South, one half undivided house and shop.

Daniel T. Goss married Abby W. (May 23, 1819), daughter of Moses George and settled on the Colby homestead, but, at the time of their marriage (1839), the home of Mr. George. (26)

1865 Census: (west side of house)
Thomas J. Ames (34) Sepculator
Elmira M. James (22) housework

1867: The other half was owned by Stephen Colby, then Roger Allison, and finally, the whole house was bought by A.J. Young in 1882 who rented it.

32 -34 E. Main Street

1870 Census
Edwin (36) Works in shoe factory
Georgina (36) Keeps House
Eliza (12) attends School
Albert (4) at home

1870, Dec 15th: Mercy A. Colby to James Colby (813/141) bounded by Highway leading to Haverhill Village, Noyes on West, Andrew Young on North and Highway on South (35ft). Containing 1/2 undivided house and shop.  House had mortgage of Daniel Goss

1872 Map: 34 East Main Street: J. W. Colby

1879, Apr 22:  James W. Colby and Laura A. Colby to Roger Allison (house further up East Main bounded by Noyes) Bounded by Lorenzo D. Colby on East (6R through center of house), 30 ft on A.J. Young on North, Stephen Noyes on West (6R) and road 30 ft. (1133/100)

1884, July 17:  Roger Allison and Ann Allison to Andrew J. Young (1133/100) 36 East Main Street. same land as above.

After 1882/4 when A. J. Young owned it and rented it.

1884 Haverhill Bulletin: “One of the Horse Chestnut Trees standing in the yard of a house owned by Mr. Andrew Young, opposite of Mert Kinison’s residence had as far decayed as to be necessary to cut it down for xxxx xxxx.  It had stood there for 70 yrs. and has been an ornament to the village as well as a shade to the passer by.”

34 E. Main Street 1


1894, July 30:  Andrew Young to John N. Hunkins and Flora A. Hunkins (1419/35) 5 acres

1900 Census (rented??)
Edwin H. Jaques (65) shoemaker
Georgianna F. Jaques (66) married for 40 years
John Sharples (54) shoemaker
Mary L. (43)
Carrie L. Sharples (15) at school

1905, Sept 6:  Hunkins to Merrimac Savings Bank (1791/409) 5 acres

1912, Nov 27:  Merrimack Savings Bank to Augustus I. Bragdon (2186/290) (2186/292 mortgage)

1920 Census: Augustus and Alice E. Bragdon. Living next to William J. (Joseph William) and Sadie L. Hull and cousin Mary J. (17)

1928, Aug 30:  Augustus I. Bragdon to William H. Hartford (2778/518) one dollar and valuable considerations. Bounded by Nellie Germain (28 East Main), Bragdon (38 E. Main) and road.

1930: Augustus Bragdon was in the City Infirmary and Farm as an Inmate. He was widowed and 78 years old.

1930 Census: William H. Hartford (53), Vhelina (40), William H. Hartford Jr. (15), Elmer (Almon) W. (11), Vhelina M. (1922 – 1940 greenwood) (6)  They also has a daughter Mable L. Brandt (1907-1927),

1937, Oct 18: taxes from William H. Hartford (3127/361)

From Case History of Rocks Village:
Going up the hill after leaving the bridge we come to a family which nine years ago took over the gem of a Georgian house. Today, the old house hangs its head in shame and discouragement, for the sills are fast going, the roof leaks and many of the windows are broken. A Spanish woman, convent raised, and timid married to a bullying tyrant live there, with their two sons; the sons wives and innumerable grandchildren. They live rather better than ever before by pooling their stamps, their old age pensions and their W.P.A. checks. Every year one wife or another produces a child and one can but wonder where all such cases will eventually end when the coffers of the government are squeezed by such dregs as these, who would be of some small service to their country if they were forced to earn a living – perhaps on a farm. Thus they would produce something other than babies.

1940 Census: William Henry Hartford Jr. (1914 – 1977) – 25, Adeline L.- 35 (1904-1974), Rosanna – 10, Sarah – 6, Louis -2

1941: owned by Savings Bank in Merrimac.

1945, Dec 8:  City for Taxes (3431/359)

1946, Jul 8: City of Haverhill to Jay L. Collins (3494/320)

1950, Sept 18: Jay L. Collins to Charles C. McLean and N. Louis McLean (3771/286)

1953, Aug 25: Charles C. McLean and N. Louis McLean to James A. Norton and Mary E. Norton (4004/339)

34 E. Main Street

1957, Aug 1: James A. Norton and Mary E. Norton to Five Cents Savings (4391/548)

1957, Oct 7:Five Cents Savings bank to H. V. Higley (Administrator of Veteran Affairs) (4411/194)

1958, July 25: Sumner Whittier, Administrator of Veteran Affairs to Lewis F. Poore and Madeline G. Poore (4485/289)

1959, March 18: Lewis F. Poore and Madeline G. Poore to Robert J. Carnes and Pauline M Carnes (4546/171) Lot 8, Block 3 Pl 430

1967: Robert J. Carnes and Pauline M Carnes sold to Poore


1971,June 12  : Lischke to Olmstead (6074/33)

Lewis F. Poore and Madeline G. Poore sold to Earl and Ann Olmstead for 12,900 in 1971

Winter 1971 Owners: Olmstead Tenants: L. Hartford and P. Smith
Moses george stairway
Stairway from Ober House on Main Street In Gloucester. (55)

Earl R. Olmstead sold to Ann Olmstead in 1983

Ann M. Olmstead sold to Damon Reed aka Gardner for 124,000 in 1984

Damon Reed aka Damon R Gardner sold to Hatic and Borger for 213,000 in 1995

Halid Hatic and Wendy Borger sold to Yung/Picker for 264,000 in 1998

Yung/Picker sold to Fred MacArthur for 396,000 in 2003.


1753: Cutting Moody to Moses Moody (77/141)  100 acres mentions Cutting’s brother in law Daniel Little

1796: Abigail Moody to Moses Moody (162/70)

1804, Sept 25th:  From James Pike to Benjamin George on road leading from Haverhill town to Swett’s Ferry(174/191)

1806, Nov1: Benjamin George (Blacksmith of Newbury) and Hannah sells to Moses Moody land bounded on west by Henry Morse, northern by Moody, easterly by road leading to rocks’s bridge, it being land formerly owned by James Pike (190/303) 6 acres for $100.00