Ingalls Family

The story of the Ingalls in Rocks Village is an sad one.  There are many different versions of the daughter of Henry Ingalls and Abigial Wingate who was most famously known as The Countess.

According to Burleigh, Henry V, was a revolutionary soldier serving as a substitute from Nathaniel Lovejoy.

The first deed that we have showing Henry in Rocks Village is from 1795 when he purchased the land with building of what is now known as 29 East Main Street. Although it is often called the birthplace of Mary (Ingalls de Vipart), she was born in 1786 before they moved to Haverhill.

Count François Félix Hector de VIPART MORAINVILLIERS and his cousin de Poyen come to Rocks Village as refugees of Guatalope and they both fall in love with and marry local women.  the count marries Mary Ingalls and de Poyen marries Sophia.

On August 28, 1807, Henry’s wife Abigail dies of consumption and young Mary also dies in the same year from taking care of her mother on Jan 5, 1807. They are both buried in Greenwood cemetery, however, Mary’s stone has had to be put away for safe keeping as visitor were taking parts of it as souvenirs.

The count ultimately returns to Guatalope and Henry gets into some financial trouble.

1813 a judgement is made against Henry Ingalls from Moses Carelton No2/47and another by Fitch Pool No2/13.  The resolution for payment is splitting up the house (or at least the front part) and giving it to Carelton and Fitch. All the three pieces of the house  goes to John Ladd by 1820 after a few mortgages between John and his father Nathaniel. Ultimately, the house is purchased by Dr. Weld in 1820 where he and (widow of Dr. William L. Abbott) Abigail (Carr) Abbott live for 4 years before they move to Hallowell Maine.

Henry Ingalls, V married Susan Merrill in 1811.

In the 1820 census he would have been 68 is listed as living in Haverhill with 2 males under 1 male 10 and 26, 1 male over 45, 1 female btwn 10 and 16, and one female btwn 16 and 26. These could be his second wife’s children.

He ultimately moved to Ayers Village, Haverhill, and died in the poorhouse, Apr. 12, 1832 (Kimball). Susan had died in 1824. Records suggest that he is buried in Linwood Cemetery, but not gravestone was found.

Jonathan, 2d, and Susannah Adams of Newbury, int. Mar. 10, 1800.
Eunice, d. Jonathan and Susannah (Adams), Sept. 29, 1803
Mary, d. Jonathan and Susannah (Adams), July 31, 1801.


  1. Henry Ingalls (1627 Andover -1719) marries 1) Mary Osgood (1633 England – 1686) in 1653. d. of John and Sarah Osgood, 2) Sarah Farnum (x-1728, age 90) in 1689. d. of Ralph and Alice, widow of George Abbott.
    1. Samuel Ingalls b: 3 Oct 1654 in Andover,
    2.  Henry Ingalls b: 8 Dec 1656 in Andover, + Abigail Emery
      1.  Mary Ingalls b: 25 Feb 1691 in Andover,
      2. Francis Ingalls b: 20 Dec 1694 in Andover,
      3. Henry Ingalls b: 2 Apr 1689 in Andover marries Hannah Martin 1695
        1.  Henry Ingalls b: 13 Apr 1719 in Andover marries 1) Sarah Putnum 1724 , 2) Sarah) Putnam b: Abt 1740-1750 in 1757
          1. Sarah Ingalls b: 1744 in Andover,
          2. Henry Ingalls (13-20 Apr 1746 – 1752) in Andover
          3. Sarah Ingalls b: 1748 in Andover,
          4. Solomon Ingalls b: 16 Jun 1750 in
          5. Henry Ingalls, Jr. (b. Nov. 22, 1752 Andover – d. April 2, 1832) marries 1) Abigail Wingate (b. 27 March 1749 in Amesbury – d. 28 August 1807 at age 58) in 1777, daughter of Rev. Paine Wingate of Amesbury, 2) Apr. 17, 1811, Mrs. Susanna Merrill (x-1824) of Methuen. 

            1. (691) Lucretia,” m. ist, John Danielson, 2d, Abraham Bailey; 
            2. Daughter,^ m. Ephraim Elliott of Haverhill;
            3. (693) Son,” who was a sailor;
            4. (694) Mary Balch,” b. Aug. 10, 1786; m. Mar. 21, 1807,Nabby,  Jan. 17, 1778 born in Andover marries John Davidson, of Newburyport July 1, 1795.
            5. Mary,  June 17, 1781,  d. Apr. 9, 1783. [in her 2d y. GR1]
            6. Mary Balch (Balch was her grandmother’s maiden name),  Aug. 16, 1786, married Count Francois Vipart of Guadaloupe on March 21, 1805.  She died on January 5, 1807 of consumption. Her gravestone is still standing in the cemetery at East Haverhill, not far from that of Dr. Moses Elliott, the “half welcome guest” in Whittier’s poem “Snow Bound”.
              Her maternal grandfather was the Rev. Payne Wingate. by John Greenleaf Whittier, who also wrote a poem about Mary: “Her wedding dress, as described by a lady still living, was “pink satin with an overdress of white lace, and white satin slippers.” She died in less than a year after her marriage. She was considered one of the most beautiful women of her day. Her husband returned to his native country. He lies buried in the family tomb of the Viparts at Bordeaux”.)
            7. Thomas, June 19, 1784
          6. Rebecca Ingalls b: 1754 in A
          7. Daniel Ingalls b: 13 Jan 1758 in Andover,
          8. Judith Ingalls b: 4 Mar 1760 in Andover,
          9. Susanna Ingalls b: 1762
          10. Putnam Ingalls b: 18 Dec 1763 in Andover,
        2. Hannah Ingalls b: 4 Jun 1721 in Andover,
        3. Judith Ingalls b: 4 Jun 1721 in Andover,
        4. Daughter b: 1723
        5. Hannah Ingalls b: 12 Sep 1723 in Andover,
        6. David Ingalls b: 3 Jan 1726 in Andover,
        7. John Ingalls b: 25 Apr 1728 in Andover,
        8. Rebecca Ingalls b: 15 Jan 1731 in Andover,
        9. Isaac Ingalls b: 2 Sep 1733 in Andover,
        10. Sarah Ingalls b: 23 Nov 1738 in Andover,
      4. Abigail Ingalls b: 15 Jan 1693 in Andover,
      5. Joseph Ingalls b: 17 Apr 1697 in Andover,
    3.  Mary Ingalls b: 28 Jan 1659 in Andover,
    4.  John Ingalls b: 21 May 1661 in Andover,
    5.  Stephen Ingalls b: 21 May 1661 in Andover,
    6.  Francis Ingalls b: 23 Sep 1663 in Andover,
    7.  Moses Ingalls b: 26 Jun 1666 in Andover,
    8.  James Ingalls b: 24 Sep 1669 in Andover,
    9.  Sarah Ingalls b: 7 Sep 1672 in Andover,
    10.  Joseph Ingalls b: 24 Mar 1675 in Andover,
    11.  Joseph Ingalls b: 24 Mar 1675 in Andover,
    12.  Josiah Ingalls b: 28 Feb 1676 in Andover,
    13.  Sarah Ingalls b: 22 Jan 1679 in Andover married Joshua Swan (13 Sept 1674 – 2 Sept 1757) in 1700