Historic Houses

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” History serves to amuse the imagination to test the passions, to improve the understanding, and to strengthen the sentiments of virtue and Piety” (a quote from John Gage Ingersoll’s Scrap Book)


River Road

Also known as Bridge Street or Highway from Rocks Bridge To Amesbury, River Road land/home owners included the Esterbrooks, Carrs, Osgoods, Burrills, and Nichols just to name a few.

There was a Wharf on the boarder of Merrimac and Shipbuilding activities behind the houses along the river.


Wharf Lane (Swett’s Lane)

Wharf Lane, originally known as Swett’s lane, was also know as Steam boat landing because the Steam boat docked at the wharf a the end of the street in the XXXX.


aerial of wharf lane about 1950

East Main Street


Colby’s Lane

Also known as the path towards Mrs. Chase’s, Colby’s Lane got its name in XXXX.

The Chase house no longer exists.

Island of 4 Acres

This triangle of land was there the old school house was located.