Miscellaneous info

1826 deed: To  Ben Chase, Timothy Flanders and Stephen Morse (264/47) woodland bounded by Benjamin Chase and others, Samuel Chase land and Phineas Nichols (3 3/4 acre)  Brings the families of Flanders, Morse, and Chase together.  Somehow this deed is also related to McQueston and Colby (hard to read)  This is Daniel McQuesten acting as the legal guardian to Ephraim Colby, a person “given to excessive drinking and idleness”, selling land owned by Colby to Chase, Flanders, and Morse to pay EC’s debts. Property free of encumbrances except  for the widow Hannah Colby’s right of dower and the right of Lydia Colby, wife of EC. (16 dollars paid)

In a deed (202/117) dated Sept 22, the directors of the bridge corporation (Baily Bartlett, James Duncan, David Howe, Daniel Appleton, and John Hazeltine Jr.) established an Indenture of Agreement with Mary and Moses Brown.  This was to build a stone abutment (under Toll House) and a stone wall on the Haverhill shore side.  Also for Mary and Moses to keep an unpaired apartment in the Toll House for $1.00/year. ( This is the Haverhill/Bradford Bridge I think )

Journal of Elijah Esterbrook, Haverhill, MA, 1758 – 1760

This is also referred to the Moses George house in photos.

Cutting Moody may have lived here on one side of the house.


236/228:  Richard and Mary Jaques to Moses G Jaques:  Feb 9, 1825 1/2 house in West Newbury.

bequests have been received from James E. Gale, 
Mrs. Caroline G. Ordway, Herbert L Ordway, James 
H. Carleton, Nathaniel E. Noyes, Matilda T. Elliott, 
Jonathan E. Pecker and Elizabeth C. Ames to the library in 1881 (64, pg 56)

Land sold to James K? Quested on Nov 23,1868 from Gideon B. George and Sophia A. George (b766/119)  Land bounded by Abigail and Moses George and Hazen?? Kimball (south side of highway from RV to Chain Bridge.

1777: James Carr to Joseph Wingate (135/112) bounded by John Swett, Samuel Sever, and John Davis

1741: Plaistow leaves Haverhill by King George II ruling

East Broadway was called Jamaica Road due the the rum in the Taverns. (boston Daily globe, Dec 15.

1784: John Swett deeded 30 acres of land to his granddaughters Sarah and Ann Swett.  This land was bounded Northeasterly by Highway leading to Swett’s Ferry, North and South westerly by land of Capt. John Johnson, SE by driftway, SW by land of R. Colby and Ephriam Elliott, and SE by Elliott to beginning.

1787: Thomas and Sarah Elliott to Francis Carr (147/112) bounded by Richard Colby and Ezra Chase and Driftway. About 7 acres.

1842, April 23:  Mary and Ebenezer Fullington to Lydia Chase wife of Samuel. Southerly side of Main Street bounded by John Johnson, Fullington on south, Page on East, road on north 330/297

1836, Sept 27:  John J. Rollins (combmaker) of Bradford and Sarah J Rollins to John Johnson Jr. (304/52) 1 wharf lane.

1857, May 23:  William Chase and Abby Chase to Eustis Chase (557/78) bounded by John W. Ladd (15 Wharf) and Samuel C. Foot(29 Wharf Lane).  Considered Tillage Land. This is William son of Ezra and Judith (Davis) who marries Abigail Grove.

1857, Aug 13: Eustace Chase and Maryette Chase to Rufus K. Knowles (557/79) bounded by W.D.S. Chase (William, Ezra,etc) , Samuel C. Foot, and John W. Ladd

1910, Oct 4:  Maud E. Smith to Charles J. Getchell(2053/253) bounded by back land, land of Palmer, and Merrimac Road.  Partially in Merrimac and partially in Haverhill. 8.58 acres and part of the Davis farm.  This might be up the street off of Merrimac Road.

1910, Oct 8 Charles J. Getchell to Harvey L Boutwell (b2053/255) could be on other side of back lane in Merrimac (partial Merrimac and partial Haverhill)

1821: Ephraim Colby to Hannah Estabrook (Disposition No 4/13)

1823, Apr 22: Hannah Estabrook, Widow, to Samuel Estabrook of Haverhill $19.21(118/270) 187 rods, formerly owned by Ephraim Colby bounded by Ben Chase, Road, and Hannah Estabrook.

1798, Apr 10:  William Little sells dwelling house to Joseph Carr on land of Francis Carr and adjoining dwelling house this day deeded to Samuel Bradley. (162/294)  on the north side of Swett’s landing.  also a mortgage on this

1801, March 24: William Little (Goldsmith) to Simeon Copp a dwelling house situated on land of Francis Carr Esq.  A house 22 feet square and two stores adjoining store now occupied by Capt Samuel Bradley (168/168).  Copp has right to cut house from store.

1798, Jan 2: William Little sells land to Samuel Bradley.  Francis Carr has house attached to store with the right to cut the house from the store. (162/294). something about if Little pays before April 10th mortgage??

1856, Jul 23: Horace T. and Elizabeth C. (Ladd) Morse to Freeman Maynard (573/261. Beginning on highway and northeast corner of Eben Colby running southwesterly on Colby land 15R20L to the land of William S. Chase then northwesterly 6R to land of Samuel C. Foot then northeasterly 15R10L to highway.

1857, June 10: William S. Chase and Abby to Samuel C. Foot (612/218). Tillage land starting at corner of W.D.S.Chase land conveyed to Eustis Chase running southwesterly 14R8L, southeasterly 12R, then northeasterly along Horace Morse land 15R10L, then northwesterly by road 12R.

1860, Oct 24:  Samuel Foot and Hannah Foot to Sarah A. Maynard (612/219) Beginning at the corner of land of Charles Ramsey then southwesterly 15R20L, to land of William Stickney Chase, then northwesterly 6R to land of Samuel C. Foot then northeasterly 15R10L to highway.

The first Chase in Newbury, MA was John Chase (b1655) son of Acquilla Jr.

David Chase, the son of John Chase (son of Aquilla) and Lydia Challis (John’s second wife) was born Oct 20, 1710 in Newbury.  He married Sarah Emory November 24, 1729.  He died in 1803. (genealogy and Personal memoirs). She died  Feb. 17, 1783, a. 71 y. 3 m. CR4 [1782. GR7]  death His grandson Nicholas was a surety on the administrator’s bond March 5, 1805.  Nicholas owned land btwn 1782 and 1788 (147/111) along the Merrimac next to Barnabus Bradbury (maybe next to gideon challis)

1755, March 9: David Chase of Newbury was granted by the town of Haverhill “liberty” to build a wharf at Swett’s Ferry in Newbury at his cost (68, pg 462). He operated the ferry in 1760. Ships tied up there bringing sugar, rum, and molasses then reloading with pickled fish for the west indies and even for England. (7).

David Chase Jr., son of above David, was born in Haverhill December 1, 1730.
David, jr., married Sarah Johnson, Mar. 20, 1755
Sarah, w. David, Oct. 5, 1804, in her 70th y. GR7 death
In 1757 Thomas Cottle sold David Chase land near Mill brook and Cottle’s bridge bounded by Greely.  (119/30). In 1757 Joseph Greeley sold him use of dam water on little river and Mill brook. (119/31)
He moved to Rocks Village soon after his marriage. (7)
1761: He built the house on Upper Lane (Colbys) and lived there until he died in Feb 11, 1805. (7)
No record of land being purchased by him in Rocks Village.
No record of land in Haverhill in either David the elder or David the younger’s probates.

He sold Haverhill land to his brother Anthony October 30, 1765
1765, October 30:  David Chase to Anthony Chase (brothers) (119/232

David Jr. became ill, recovered in 1801 but died in 1805.

1803 recorded deed 171/248:  Disposition of David Sr. accounts paid by Joseph by Simeon Sr. his son. Joseph is David’s brother and Simeon’s Uncle.  David owed Simeon and his wife money for work done.  Land at the southwardly end of his lot was given in exchange. But since this was David Sr., I don’t think it is Colby’s lane.

David, who outlived his son, Simeon Sr. , made a nuncupative, or oral will. According to Essex County Probate Records his wife’s father, Stephen Baily, was appointed guardian of the heirs of Amos, Simeon, and William, children of his son Simeon, Jr.  The court ordered the real estate in Newbury sold to David Baily (This could have been Simeon’s land in West Newbury). It looks like Benjamin Chase (Simeon Jr.’s Uncle) owned this land after David Jr.’s death.(7)

1821: Ephraim Colby to Hannah Estabrook (Disposition No 4/13)

1823, Apr 22: Hannah Estabrook, Widow, to Samuel Estabrook of Haverhill $19.21(118/270) 187 rods, formerly owned by Ephraim Colby bounded by Ben Chase, Road, and Hannah Estabrook.