October 15th: A day for Community and Celebration

Save the Date:  Big Doings in the Village on Saturday, October 15, 2016

Taking into account everyone’s busy schedule the RVMA has decided to group the Fall activities together on one day this year.

8:30-3:00 Yard Sale
9:00-2:00 Fall Clean-Up
10:30-11:30 and 1:00-2:00 Historic Walking Tour
6:30 -8:30 Annual Fall Feast

Yard Sale: Item Donations are being accepted now. Please contact one of the RVMA members to open the Hand Tub House for your drop off. Some of the activities to assist in preparation for the yard sale are: Signs and flyers distribution and table set up. Volunteers are also needed during the yard sale. Please contact Cindy@rocksvillage.org to volunteer.

Fall Clean-up: The work that has been going on over the summer on the HTH grounds is a must see. Work needs to be done to prepare the area for the winter season. Please contact Christine@rocksvillage.org to volunteer.

Historic Walking Tour: We are repeating the walking tour this fall. Let your friends, families, and colleagues know so they can learn about the history of the village. If you have any historic information you would like to contribute to the tour please contact Lydia@rocksvillage.org or Susan@rocksvillage.org.  Click Here to register.

Annual Fall Feast: The fall feast will be held at 59 Wharf Lane. It is Potluck and BYOB. With the number of villagers attending each year increasing, a head count earlier rather than later is helpful. It is not necessary to decide what you will be bringing at this time. Please contact Cindy@rocksvillage.org.

Any amount of time that can be contributed to any of the activities is a great help and very much appreciated.

*** Save this date, too: September 18th. The annual meeting of the RVMA will be held at 3:30 PM at The Hand Tub House. Exciting things are happening in the village, the HTH landscaping has made great strides, and an electrical upgrade has been done to the HTH. Peek in and see the new lighting. Upcoming projects for the HTH will be discussed as well as events for the coming year. This is your village, join us. ***

Check us out at our website: www.rocksvillage.org and the Rocks Village facebook page.

Thank you. Hope to see you on Sunday, September 18th and Saturday, October 15, 2016.


Home Depot in Rocks Village

The Rocks Village Memorial Association cannot thank The Home Depot enough for all that the team did for our project.  


On June 29th, a team from Plaistow New Hamphshire’s Home Depot worked on the Hand Tub House project.

New Plants/trees donated to RVMA from Home Depot are:

Plum tree
Cherry tree
Regal Oak Tree (2)
River birch tree (2)
Flowering Pear (2)
Cercus Rising Sun (2)
6 2 gallon rhododendron
3  5 gallon rhododendron
10 2 gallon ornamental grasses
3 5 gallon willow shrubs

Successful Fundraising Yard sale 2016

A note of THANKS to everyone that helped make the yard sale a huge success!  Between the sale, financial donations and the Walking Tour we earned over $2,500.00 this weekend.  Pretty amazing!

So many people contributed to this effort, from the Village and beyond.  We cannot thank you enough.

Another Yard Sale is planned for the fall – stayed tuned for a date.


Beautiful Day for a Walk Through History

On Saturday June 11th, Historic New England and Rocks Village Memorial Association lead two tours through the Rocks Village Neighborhood.

image copy 3
Sarah Jaworski from Historic New England lead 32 people through the history of the families of Rocks Village

What’s a Hand Tub House?

a)  A bath house for sailors coming up the river delivering goods from Europe and the West Indies.
b) A building to house the Fire Fighting Apparatus called a Hand Tub.
c) A place where neighbors of Rocks Village gather for celebrations and to resolve community issues.

Answer:  b and c.
Although the hand tub itself no longer is housed here, the building continues to be a place for neighbors to gather to discuss issues and enjoy celebrating.

Busy Day in the Village: June 11

Rock’s Village: A Haverhill Neighborhood Walking Tour

Saturday, June 11, 10:30 AM or 1:00 PM
Rocks Village, Haverhill, MA
Discover the riverfront neighborhood of Rock’s Village, once a bustling community of stores, taverns, and wharfs. Hear tales of merchants, shipbuilders, an alleged witch, and more.
Travel through the centuries looking at more than just the architecture of the buildings but the stories of those who lived, loved, and worked here.
Presented in partnership with Historic New England and Rocks Village Memorial Association, dedicated to fostering a sense of community through events, education, and historic preservation of the Hand Tube House.
Parking Available at 366 Amesbury Line Rd (follow signs down the hill to the Hand Tub House) or on the street at the corner of River Rd. and East Main St. Haverhill, MA
$10, Open to Public
Registration recommended. Please call 617-994-5970 for more information.

Rocks Village Yard Sale:

June 11 from 8:30 to 3:00 pm.

Making a donation to the yard sale is a way anyone can help keep the village a lovely place to live in or visit.

Please contact one of the RVMA committee members to open the HTH for a donation drop off.   Contact Christine or me to volunteer to sort, price, hang signs, set-up, sell or take down.  Anytime is appreciated.
**Electronics will no longer be accepted for donation.**

Thank you in advance for your help.

Do Good In Your Neighborhood: Rocks Village Earth Day Clean Up 2016

The theme for Haverhill’s Annual Earth Day Cleanup was ‘Do Good in Your Neighborhood’, something the people of Rocks Village willingly do on a regular basis.  Villagers participating in this year’s cleanup included:

RV ED CU - 11
Diane Baxter
RV ED CU - 10
Julie Gilchrist
Bill Dauksewicz
RV ED CU - 12
Cindy Dauksewicz
Suzanne Coffin and Robin Smeland
RV ED CU - 9
Christine Kwitchoff
RV ED CU - 13
Michael Reid
RV ED CU - 15
Diane Baxter and Bill King
RV ED CU - 14
Jennifer Dryden
Mandi Ledwith and her daughters

Susan Bailey (worked on Bob Welch Memorial Garden)

Lydia Harris (photography)

RV ED CU - 16

We were joined by Tammy Loosian & her son  from the Hilldale section of Haverhill.  The Loosians wanted to volunteer in a part of the city they weren’t familiar with and choose Rocks Village because the name of our neighborhood intrigued them.  They can be seen at the far left of the photos.  We thank them for their help and enthusiasm!

April 23rd -9:00A.M.-1:00P.M – Earth Day/City Wide Clean-Up

April 23rd -9:00A.M.-1:00P.M – Earth Day/City Wide Clean-Up
3-16-16 EARTH DAY CLEANUP Press Release
*2nd pass of HTH yard work.
*Bob Welch Memorial garden clean-up.
*2nd pass interior HTH clean-up if necessary; arrange tables for Memorial Day Brunch.
*Electronics collection at HTH – sponsored by Jim Woolfrey from Jim’s Salvage.
*Please email Christine at christinekwitchoff@comcast.net
<mailto:christinekwitchoff@comcast.net> if you can participate.

Thanks for the Clean Up

Members of the Haverhill Masons along with neighbors from Rocks Village helped clean up the “Hand Tub Park”.

April 2016 RV Clearn up-34
Peter Fountas, Dave Davis, Richard Poor, Jason Bulman, Kevin Cooney, Christine Kwitchoff, Michael Reid, Robin Smeland, Nick Kirby, Joe Bowden
April 2016 RV Clearn up-12
RV neighbors Nick Kirby and Joe Bowden from Kirby Landscaping LLC

What’s Happening in Rocks Village in April 2016

April 9th-9:30-11:30A.M.
*1st pass Hand Tub House yard work – volunteers from Haverhill Mason’s Lodge will assist in this project.
*1st pass interior HTH clean-up.
*Please email Christine at christinekwitchoff@comcast.net
<mailto:christinekwitchoff@comcast.net> if you can participate.

April 23rd -9:00A.M.-1:00P.M – Earth Day/City Wide Clean-Up
3-16-16 EARTH DAY CLEANUP Press Release
*2nd pass of HTH yard work.
*Bob Welch Memorial garden clean-up.
*2nd pass interior HTH clean-up if necessary; arrange tables for Memorial Day Brunch.
*Electronics collection at HTH – sponsored by Jim Woolfrey from Jim’s Salvage.
*Please email Christine at christinekwitchoff@comcast.net
<mailto:christinekwitchoff@comcast.net> if you can participate.