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July 27, 1976 the Rocks Village Historic District and Historic District Commission were established.

Originally 27 houses were part of the district with 6 being added at a later date.

When Nathanial Holt took his boat up the Merrimac River from Newbury, he ran into some large boulders, and that spot on the river became known as “Holt’s Rocks.”

In 1710, John Swett, Innkeeper and Ferryman of Newbury, was granted the use of part of  “cow commonage” for his ferry landing and inn at Holt’s Rocks.

Rocks Village grew slowly during this early period. By 1740, four houses had been built in the lower village. Belonging to John Swett, Dr. Simeon Brown, Joseph Burrill, and Mr. Nichols.

The Village thrived after 1750 with a fishing industry that exported pickled herring to Europe, and by 1790 there were both a shipyard and a distillery at the Rocks. In 1830 it was ‘in a very flourishing condition with three stores and a house for worship’ and was celebrated for its manufacture or horn combs.’ The residents also manufactured shoes, and many of the present garages and outbuilding in the village had been shoe shops. Later with the advent of industrialization processes, this cottage commerce moved to downtown Haverhill.

RV Map 1976
  1. Sweeney
  2. Harrington
  3. Whittemore
  4. Atkins
  5. Duford
  6. Bulgaris
  7. McCarthy (elected not to be in district)
  8. Voorhees
  9. Ware
  10. Belyea
  11. Tuck
  12. O’Brien
  13. Marchisio
  14. Garwich (elected not to be in district)
  15. City of Haverhill
  16. Paszko
  17. Duchemin (elected not to be in district – incorporated in in 1988)
  18. Swartz
  19. Aradas
  20. Olmstead
  21. Lischke
  22. Stuart
  23. Hartford
  24. Killheffer
  25. Garvin
  26. Smith
  27. Leary
  28. Presberg
  29. City of Haverhill ( Hand Tub House)
  30. City of Haverhill (Water Trough, Sign, and Flag)

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