Gideon Challis who lived on River Road from 1748 – 1751 was listed as a Shipwright on the deed when he sold his house.

Barnabus Bradbury and Chrisp Bradbury were brothers and also listed as Carpenter or Shipwrights on River Road in the mid 1700s.

George Santeclar is listed as a Shipwright and owning land on River Road in the 1700s.

1790 – 1800: one ship yard at “the rocks” (history of haverhill pg 450)

Jospeh Burrill living on River Road c1740 kept an account book(56).  Many entries list activities related to ship building.  It also lists that Samuel Estabrook (son of Hannah (Daniels) Estabrook an Elijah Estabrook) as his apprentice.  Samuel was Burrill’s stepson.

On page 22 In the Historical Sketch of Shipbuilding on the Merrimack River by John James Currier, it states that in 1790, there was one ship yards in full operation at “Rocks Village”.