Shoe Industry

In March, 1837, there were in town forty-two shoe manufacturers, and fourteen tanners and leather dealers. The following is a list of their names can be found in The Manufacture of Shoes and Hats–Improvements.

Mr. Rufus K. Chase, Mr. Maynard and the two Elliott brothers, George and Samuel transferred their shoe business, and moved into town for their residence also, where the increase in trade brought wealth to them, as it had done to many others. (Notes from the Chase Chronicles)


Gazette on Aug. 9, was identified by Robert Gardella, of Haverhill. He said the two men in the photo were father and son. John Murphy Sr. and John Murphy Jr. are shown working in their factory in Rocks Village. The Murphys came to Haverhill from Ireland in 1849.

1855 Census for 1 Wharf Lane
John Johnson (82) Gentleman
Ruth Johnson (79)
Abbie McQuestin (31) born in Maine
John Murphy (18) Ireland

Elliott Shoe factory was located between what is now 28 East Main Street and 20 East Main Street.  The foundation is still visible

1815 – Mar 16 – “M. D. Elliott moved his shop down near the bridge.”

Shoe and Leather Reporter, Volume 137

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On the lot next above the Swett/Elliott tavern, the Elliotts began a shoe manufacturing shop. Here they manufactured shoes through the civil war period and then removed the business to the city.