Swett Chase House: 99 Old Amesbury Line Rd

1850, Jan 5: Lot of Land with Buildings sold from Sarah George to Sally (George) Maynard (her daughter). (422/280) A certain lot of land with buildings given to me by will of the late Amos George

1849, Dec 27: Samuel Thompson to Rufus L. Chase (422/284)

1851, Aug: Rufus L. Chase to Thomas W. Bailey and Rufus K. Chase (450/187) 7/10th of an acre. except for barn. Road leading from RV to Center village. Beginning at the corner and the highway by my own land 11R 4/10 southeasterly to s&s then southwesterly by Rufus L’s own land 12.5R to s&s then by the land of Hazen Kimball northwesterly 11R 4/10th to the highway then ne by road 12.5R. Mortgage for this land (450/189) discharge: 481/241.

1850, Jan 4: Samuel Maynard and Sally (George) Maynard to James Davis (422/280) 5 acres. lot of land with buildings thereon. Mortgage doesn’t look like there is a discharge.

1851 Rufus K. was 26, a shoemaker and living with Thomas Bailey between Abigail Elliott and Moses G. Jaques (along East Main Street).

Rufus K. Chase marries Sophorina Jaques in July 1851

1850 – 1854 house moved from East Main Street. Old part of Swett’s Tavern

In 1855 Rufus and family was living between Addison Browne, David W. Evans, near Hazen Kimball.

1857, Feb 17: Samuel D. and Sally G. Maynard to Hazen Kimball (441/72) 1 acre of woodland bounded by previous Amos George now Hazen Kimball. Same as sold to Sally George sold to Sarah Feb 17 1850.

Not sure how it gets from Hazen to Rufus

1858, June 3: Moses Bookings  to Rufus K. Chase mortgage (515/290) (Discharge: 572/006) Piece of tillage land with buildings beginning at the land of James C. Elliot on the road leading from Rocks Village to Haverhill Village and running ne by said road 9R to the turn in the road leading to Amesbury thence northerly by road leading to W. D. S. Chase 8r 7L to s&s at the land of James Davis thence southwesterly by Davis than through the center of the well 16R 8L to the s&s of the land of James C. Elliot thence southeasterly by said Elliot 10R 11L to bound first mentioned.

1858, June 3: Rufus K. Chase and Sophronia Chase to Samuel Thompson (572/006) discharge 771/247

In 1860, Rufus was head of household living with family between James C. Elliott and George W. Bartlett

1889: Amos David, Rebecca I. Davis, John, Lucy H. Daniel M., Ann F. James, Mary E. Lydia M, to R. A. Chase (1253/534) 4 acres (this is land next to 99)

1881 Map: R. K. Chase

1892 Map: R. A. Chase

1930, Aug 15: Cora M. Ramsey administrator of R. A. Chase to Ruth R. Ramsey (2855/455). Beginning at the road of Gertrude O. Damon and running on said land 400′ to land of Frederick Kimball then southerly by land of Kimball 640′ to East Broadway then easterly 150′ then curved at the junction of East Broadway with the road leading to Saunder’s hill 225′ then northerly by Saunder’s hill road 400′ to the point begun.

1947, Oct 22: Ruth R. Mason (formerly Ruth R. Ramsey) and Henry Mason to Minot Ramsey (3574/467)

1976 Plan of Minot W. Ramsey No 19 plan book 146

Minot Ramsey Plan 19 Book 146

1983, June 28: Leonard Kimball to Michael J. and Joan W. Rossi (7144/478) 1.3 acres