Colby’s Lane

14 Colbys Lane, 1880
Lot 8 on Plat 430
Lot 9 on Plat 430
Lot 10 on Plat 430
Simeon Chase House:  Lot 11 on Plat 430

This is the 35 acres that John Swett acquired from the heirs of Zacharia Davis. All land south of E Main St. and east of 12-rod-way.

1731: Samuel Batchelder of Hampton, cordwainer, and wife Elizabeth to John Swett 35 acres bounded by se on river, sw on 12-rod way, nw on road to Almsbury, ne by a highway by the side of Swett’s land. 1731. (60/159)

Moses Moody, husband of Elizabeth Elliott and son of Benjamin Moody and Ann Bradstreet

Probate record 18609 dated 1809
Due to the proprietors of the Merrimack Bridge: $3189.2
Due to Daniel Swan: $800
Due to Zebulon Ingersoll: $25
Betsy is executrix along with Ephriam Elliot (Betsy’s brother) and John Osgood on committee
Will witnessed by Elijah Weld, Abigail Weld, and Harriett Livermore
3 pieces of real estate: 16 acres on southerly side of “Mansion House”, 10 acres known as “Colby Place”, 7 acres of salt marsh land in Salisbury. a “floor pew” in East Parish meeting house (worth $15.00)

1821: Moses S. Moody to Benjamin Chase (226/215) Seven acres bounded by Foot, Hills, River, Samuel and Stephen Noyes, Moses Chase and keeping privileged of Enoch Foot and Moses Chase to pass and repass on driftway.

1824: June 22: Moses S. Moody of New Sharron county of Kennebek ME to Benjamin Chase (238/210). Starting on Southerly corner of E. Foot and N. Ladd and running westerly 14 R to the land of Widow Hill, North 7R to land of Moses S. Moody, East to land of Jaques, heirs of Thomas Elliott, Ladd (7R) to bound first mentioned. Reserving privileged of cart path for E. Foot

1834, Oct 31: Daniel and Eliza Hall and Betsy Chase to Simeon Chase (279/65). Lot and Buildings bounded by Enoch Foot, Daniel Hall, Driftway reserving pass for E. Foot.

1855 Census: (listed between Simeon Chase and Joseph and Nancy Estabrook)
Stephen L. Crosby (72) Lumber Dealer
Anna C. Crosby (68)

1867, Aug 14th: Ann M. John R. Estabrook, and Mary E. mortgage to Brickett (729/118) piece of land bounded by Kineson, Jaques, Lord, e. Main street.(mortgage, discharge 788/189 5 Dec 1869)

1881 Map shows Colby’s lane connecting down to the river through David Hall’s property