Rocks Village Memorial Association

The Rocks Village Memorial Association (RVMA), established in 1908, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Haverhill by fostering a community in Rocks Village through events, education, and historic preservation of the local fire/meeting house.

We invite friends and neighbors from near and far to join us in our meetings, pot-lucks, gardens, and community service.

Year in review 2015


Budget FY 2017

Year in Review 2017/18

Board of Directors: Officers (FY2017/2018):
Cindy Dauksewicz: President (Cindy@rocksvillage dot org)
Lydia Harris: Vice President (Lydia@rocksvillage dot org)
Christine Kwitchoff: Treasurer (Christine@rocksvillage dot org)
Julie Gilchrist: Assistant Clerk
Cynthia Arsenault: Clerk

Board of Directors: Members (FY 2017/2018):
Kevin McCarthy
David Rowland
Jessica Todd
Alden Young


RVMA bylaws 16sep2010

RVMA Fund Allocation Request

RVMA Project Proposal Form – blank