East Main Street

55/118: 1730. Zacharia Davis to John Swett, Ferryman: 19.25 A bounded n on Back Lane, e on River, w on Jam path and s on highway from Jam Path to Ferry and partly by the landing place of this ferry, being part of land laid out by Wm Holdridge’s 3rd division.

87/139: 1742 John Swett to (Dr.) Simeon Brown 19 A Near Swett’s ferry : near bound rock and Jam Path and (back lane), landing.. Same land as 134/22? Also 19A.

134/22: 1773. Henry Young Brown of Brownfield county of York and Simeon Brown of Hav blacksmith(??) and Ruth Brown of Kingston mantle maker, to James Carr yeoman land near Swetts ferry 19 A, approx. same description as below.

134/ 23: 1774. James Carr innholder To Francis Carr of Almsbury, cooper, 19A dwelling house all other buildings bounded by highway west(?) from bound rock to Jamaica path then s on Jam path to road from Kingston to Swetts ferry then on said road e to Ephraim Elliots upon said road then on Elliots n to s&s then Elliots s to the road or landing then on landing e to a 2-rod way Swett allowed then on said way n to the way from bound rock to Jam path (start). Same as above minus Elliot’s land…maybe Elliot owned one or more house lots on E Main?

School House Lot: 366 Amesbury Line Road
18 East Main Street: John B. Nichols, George Jaques
19 East Main St
20 East Main Street: Swartz House: Circa 1898
21 East Main:  Donegan
22 East Main Street
23 East Main Street: Moses Jaques, 1790
24 East Main Street: Shoe Factory
26 East Main Street
28 East Main Street: Elliott, Swett
29 East Main Street: “The Countess House”: Circa 1750
34 East Main Street: Moses George House, 1760
37 East Main Street: John R. Estabrook, 1792
38 East Main Street: Samuel Carr and Joseph Estabrook 1789
47 East Main Street:  Daniel Chase: Circa 1799
49 East Main: John Foote Store: c 1760
Sawyer’s Store, 1850
Johnson Tavern